Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Netanyahu Speech: A War Criminal's Plea

How cheap the words of a war criminal and how much cheaper the blood of innocents; when dreams give way to fear, and hope is crushed underfoot by hate.

When the Israeli premier took to the podium before the US Congress today, the words spilled from both sides of his mouth; phrases that spoke of peace and honour, of friendship and allies, yet that called for hate and fear, for war and death.

"Netanyahu arriving like a conquering hero" said the BBC's Jeremy Bowen. As the man who now seemingly outranks POTUS, Netanyahu stood before the Congress and claimed that Iran would "always be an enemy" of the US. The kind of Manichean hate mongering which sends peoples to war. He hopes. And then turning the age-old adage on its head, he went on to declare "the enemy of your enemy is your enemy". With the world turning against Israel through BDS (boycott, divestment, sanction), and record numbers of young American Jews standing against the Zionist state, what exactly is this maniacal call meant to usher in - war against us all? What the world witnessed today was Congress sitting, standing, sitting, standing; up and down like a bunch of mindless puppets cheering on a deluded war criminal. Truly frightening and dystopian. And our freedoms and liberties, our very lives, were crushed under the boots of fascists, offered-up willingly to lauded cheers. Has the promise of the American dream ever been so distant?

"And when it is said to them, Do not make mischief in the land, they say: We are but peace-makers" (Quran 2.11)

Netanyahu's unbearably sickening speech went on to shamelessly invoke the Prophet Moses (pbuh), genocide survivors and the Holocaust, whilst he stood there, a man who has presided on ethnic cleansing, war crimes and genocide, the mutilation and massacre of innocent Palestinian children, to call for more death. Memo to Netanyahu. We do not create peace from war, humanity through oppression, nor freedom by fear.

After all, lest we forget how the Israeli project is a colonial program of wanton destruction to establish a Western outpost in the Middle East.

For this Zionism, no cost is too high, no amount of human suffering too great, all to honour that promise of the British government to the Rothschilds. 

Netanyahu was in fact, the perfect house guest for Obama, a man who has himself presided over the unparallelled killing of innocent children by Israeli and US made drones. His guest arrived uninvited by him, thanked him, took a dump on his lounge floor, swore at him and then left. Today, we look back with incredulity at greying and broken video of fascist speeches to wild cheering crowds, intoxicated on prejudice and we wonder: how? Our children will do the same in the future, wondering how and why we came to be so impotent, rendered so unable to fix the world and stop the slide into oblivion. And we wonder if they should ever forgive us our trespasses, as we allow these war-mongering maniacs to corporatise and destroy our world. 

We await the spiritual revolution, the dawn breaking upon the horizon; for the return of our hearts to humanity, is our last best hope for peace in our time.

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